CSA certification - Canada
The term 'CSA certification' is commonly used in reference to getting a product certified to applicable Canadian national standards, developed by the SCC (Standards Council of Canada) and other standards making bodies such as CSA (Canadian Standards Association) itself and UL (Underwriters Laboratories). The CSA certification mark in its most common form is a product safety mark for end products and equipment typically used in Canadian workplaces. Other certification bodies are recognised in Canada including UL of Canada, UL USA, Intertek, TuV Sud Canada and MET Labs. One can apply to get end products certified such that they carry a suitable certification body safety approval mark, either by the type approval route (involving certification body inspections at the manufacturing location) or by utilising the 'Special Inspection' process for one off or small batches of products. Useful links: Directory of SCC accredited certification bodies We will add more guidance to this page with regard to the Canadian certification process - type approval route - and the alternative Special Inspection.